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Grundvig conditions - Fee - Requirements - Applicationform (online)

Life Long Learning Application

Grundvig conditions

There is a grant available under Grundtvig 3. Below you can read how to apply for this training grant.

You can find this training in the Socrates Comenius / Grundtvig Course Database 2006-2007. The reference number for the course in Tallinn is EE-2006-001. The reference number for the course in Gremmelin is DE-2006-113. The title of the course is Managing LifeLong learning.

  1. Send us the workshop application form and ask for a pre-registration waiting for a Grundtvig 3 grant.
  2. Contact your own National Agency to obtain a grant application form and to check the deadline for submitting your application. A list of national agencies is available.
  3. Send your grant application form to your National Agency as soon as possible.
  4. Your National Agency will inform you if you have been awarded a grant.
  5. You should then immediately contact us to formally register for the workshop or to confirm your preregistration. If you have not been awarded a grant but made a preregistration, you need to cancel this.
  6. From the moment your National Agency confirms that you have been awarded a grant, you have responsibilities towards the training provider. If you then cancel your attendance at the event, you will be responsible for paying any cancellation fees which the training provider may claim. Only in very exceptional cases offorce majeure (e.g. illness or death of relatives) may the National Agency pay cancellation fees using grant money.
  7. If the training organizer cancels the training at short notice, you may ask him/her for compensation of you have already incurred costs e.g. for travel tickets, which cannot be cancelled or changed. Neither your National Agency nor the European Commission can be liable. However, in justified cases your National Agency may decide to cover these costs using the grant awarded. If your training event is cancelled, your National Agency may give you the opportunity to select another one (contact your Agency for further details).
  8. At the end of the training event, the organizers must hold an evaluation session. Your opinion on the quality of the training is important; training which is considered to be of poor quality will be investigated by the National Agency of the training provider.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@ilmelifelonglearning.org




  • Accomodation and meals: € 500
  • Course fee, including course materials: € 700

Grants are available.



  • Working in the field of learning in a management position
  • Available during a 5 day training period
  • Payment of total fee



Application form

You can register by using one of the following application forms:

  • Use the online application form.
  • Download the application form in Word-format.
    Fill it in and send it by e-mail, fax or mail to the host (addresses are in the form)
  • Download the application form in PDF-format.
    Fill it in and send it by e-mail, fax or mail to the host (addresses are in the form)
  • Download the application form in RTF-form (if you want to use another text processor than MS Word).
    Fill it in and send it by e-mail, fax or mail to the host (addresses are in the form)

If you need help, please send an e-mail to info@ilmelifelonglearning.org