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For whom? - Requirements

Life Long Learning Target Group

For whom?

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the adult education institutions that will obtain an innovative training program with suitable methodology for education managers for implementation of lifelong learning methods. The proposed project is designed to approach education managers from different education levels, more precisely: secondary school managers, vocational school managers; universities, and other adult education institutions. Indirectly, the beneficiaries will be the trainees/students of the educational establishments, who will benefit from the increased quality of the tuition.

We have included non adult education establishment managers (secondary school managers) intentionally as we believe, and the research results have proved, that the basis of Life-Long Learning is made in the very early stage of a person, and implementation of the Life-Long Learning must start from the early childhood not with the time when a person becomes an adult.


  • Working in the field of learning in a management position
  • Available during a 5 day training period
  • A course fee off €700,- (however grants are available)